Low-Carbon Cities
The Future of Urban Planning

Author Biographies


 Takashi Onishi (Foreword, Chapter 1, Chapter 9-1,2,3,4,6, Postscript)
 Born in 1948.
 Professor at Tokyo University Graduate School
 He has been in his current role since April 2008. Onishi’s specialist fields are national land planning and urban planning. He heads the Ministry of the Environment’s revision committee for its manual for formulating regional government body action plans, and is leader of the Tokyo University Master’s Program in Sustainable Urban Regeneration.

 Hikaru Kobayashi (Foreword, Chapter 5, Postscript)
 Born in 1949
 Former Administrative Vice-Minister of Ministry of the Environment
 Professor, Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance
 After joining the Environment Agency in 1973, he became responsible for environmental and economic policy and regional environmental policy, focusing on issues such as urban pollution and global warming issues. He was also in charge of international and domestic negotiations associated with the Kyoto Protocol. He has born his current role since 2011.


 Kazuhiko Takemoto (Chapter 2)
 Born in 1951
 Advisor of the Ministry of the Environment
 Vice Minister for Global Environmental Affairs since July 2008. Also has acted as vice chairman of the OECD’s environment policy committee since 2006.

 Hidetoshi Nakagami (Chapter 3)
 Born in 1945
 President of Jyukankyo Research Institute

 Keisuke Matsuhashi (Chapter 4)
 Born in 1971
 Senior researcher, Center for Social and Environmental Systems Research, National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)

 Tsuneo Takeuchi (Chapter 6, Chapter 9-7)
 Born in 1954
 Professor of environmental policy at Nagoya University Graduate School of Environmental Studies

 Mihoko Matsuyuki (Chapter 7)
 Born in 1974
 Associate Professor at Yokohama National University’s Institute of Urban Innovation

 Teruyuki Ohno (Chapter 8)
 Born in 1953
 Director General, Bureau of Environment, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

 Kiichi Takahashi (Chapter 9-1,2,3,4,6)
 Born in 1985
 Employee of Takenaka Corporation
 Masashi Suga(Chapter 9-5)
 Born in 1977
 Associate Professor at Shimonoseki City University